Thursday, August 10, 2006

Here's a Glimpse Into the Future...

...of a Tom Reilly governorship. And, it ain't pretty, folks.

Attorney General Tom Reilly yesterday proposed a massive traffic safety crackdown in Massachusetts that includes more surveillance cameras at traffic lights, mandatory sobriety checkpoints, night curfews for teen drivers and free rein for cops to pull over motorists who don’t wear seat belts.

So, tell us, Tom, would those sobriety checkpoints apply to everyone, or just those of us who aren't contributors to your campaign?

Reilly, in a letter to Senate President Robert Travaglini and House Speaker Sal DiMasi, said the proposals are part of his comprehensive auto insurance reform package that includes a mandatory 15 percent rollback in auto insurance rates.

Of course, in Tom Reilly's world, where he is king, "reform" means "don't change a goddamn thing, everything's fine". Now, get back in line, and do what he says. How dare you question His Excellency and his motives?

A spokesman for Reilly, a Democratic gubernatorial candidate, said the attorney general's overall plan is aimed at saving lives and cutting down on car accidents in order to make roads safer and force insurance rates lower.

And, there's your Reilly governorship in a nutshell:

Rule by force.

This whole concept of having a democratically-elected government actually allowing the people to do things of their own choosing, and having a free market economy respond in kind really pisses you off, doesn't it, Tom?

Hey, here's a concept for you, you totalitarian douchebag - let the insurance companies set their own rates, which will end up rewarding, through lower premium payments, those of us who don't run red lights or drive drunk. Though, I'm guessing such a plan wouldn't go over too well with the insurance companies and their lobbyists who are funding your run for governor.

I mean, we gotta take care of the palm greasers. Without them, what would we be left with? Clean government? AAAAGGHH!!! Perish the thought!

Seriously, though, who's voting for this guy? I'm standing by what I wrote back in February of 2005:

I'd cast my vote for governor for the nasty dump I took last night before I vote for this jackoff.

On that note, stay tuned for my big Reilly Wrap-Up Post, coming up later today, where we'll take a good hard look at all he's done to help make the Commonwealth a better place to live total laughing stock.