Friday, September 08, 2006

Because Some Issues ARE Black and White

AKA: The Other Side of the Story

Tired of those bumper stickers and lawn signs adorning your liberal neighbors' hybrid cars and front yards that spout out the same old, worn-out "progressive" platitudes that seek to end the world's problems without offering any realistic solutions for bringing such a Utopian paradise into being?

Well then, welcome to the official home of RBW (Reality in Black & White) Stickers, where you will find what's missing from the bumper sticker on your neighbor's Prius - a reality-based response to various liberal talking points of the day. And, that's "reality" as defined by the American Heritage Dictionary:

reality: noun

1. The quality or state of being actual or true.
2. One, such as a person, an entity, or an event, that is actual: "“the weight of history and political realities"”.
3. The totality of all things possessing actuality, existence, or essence.
4. That which exists objectively and in fact: Your observations do not seem to be about reality.

NOT "reality" as defined by the Dennis Kucinich for President of Venus Committee.


Now Available! The answer to one of the most popular catch phrases of the socialist/hippie/pacifist/progressive movement. John Lennon may have been was one of the greatest songwriters in the history of recorded music, but let's face it, he was a major, dope-smoking commie, too.

It's easy to come up with something like "Give Peace a Chance" and turn it into an oft-chanted pacifist rallying cry, but without a concise, follow-up action plan behind it, those words are just...well...words.

(click to enlarge)

OK, OK, I know what you're saying (and, frankly, I'm surprised some of you made it this far) "What's the 411?", "How much do they cost?", and "How can I get my hands on some of 'em?"

Gee, I thought you'd never ask.

These stickers are 8.5" x 2.75", printed with UV-resistant inks on 3.25 mil white glossy vinyl, rated for 3 to 5 years of outdoor durability. And, they're ideal for pissing off the neighbors who have yet to peel off the Howard Dean bumper stickers from their L.L. Bean edition Subaru Outbacks.

These quality stickers are available now via Paypal for a measly $2.50 each! Or buy five stickers for $10.00 - only TWO BUCKS each! And I'll even spring for the stamp!

Where else are you gonna get a deal like that?

As always, all proceeds generated from sales of these fine stickers will go to a very worthy me.


UPDATE: I think I need to send a couple dozen of these stickers to the King County (WA) Public Libraries. Michelle Malkin has the scoop.