Friday, September 08, 2006

When the Advice Is Free... always get what you pay for.

In the wake of the recent rise in the number of purse snatchings around town, the Boston Police Department has posted some recommendations on its blog to help you reduce the chances of having your purse stolen.

The (all-too predictable) closer:

If a thief approaches you, remember that it is best to just let it go. It is not worth being injured by resisting.

Good advice, actually, seeing how they've done virtually everything in their power to ensure the attacker/thief that he will have the strength advantage over a weaker victim in any such confrontation.

So, yeah, thanks for that, Mr. Mayor. Your campaign contribution from the International Brotherhood of Purse Snatchers, Local 9 is in the mail.

OK, one more equine flogging before the weekend starts.

Weak, defenseless women, living in fear, being forced by the government to rely on the mercy of crack-addled street thugs and a drastically under-staffed police department for their personal safety.

Now, that's "progressive"!