Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Quote of the Year

Are you sitting down?

In a comfy chair?

You'd better be.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Last chance!!!

"We have no interest in harassing law-abiding gun owners..."

- Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino

As I've said all too oftern on this site, I've got quite the imagination, but there's simply no way I could make this shit up.

Here are my translations. Jeff has more.

"We have no interest in allowing anyone to become law-abiding gun owners, whom we could subsequently harass..."

"We have no interest in harassing law-abiding gun owners, just so long as we get to make the laws..."

"We have no interest in speaking openly, honestly, or accurately, on the subject of gun control and violent crime prevention."

"We have no interest in incarcerating violent criminals. It might hurt their self esteem."

"We have no interest in ceding any power back to the proletariat class, and allowing them to take responsibility for their safety and well-being."