Thursday, October 12, 2006

mAss Backwards "Interview" with Doug Obey

UPDATE 10/12/06: Thank you, Doug for taking part in this informal Q&A session. I'm sure everyone here, regardless of whether they agree with your positions, appreciates your taking the time to respond. Thanks, also, to those who submitted questions.


OK, here are the five questions I sent Doug, as asked by you, my readers (note that some of the questions have been rephrased, or combined with other related questions). Naturally, most of the questions centered around the rights (or lack thereof) of gun owners in the Commonwealth. I tried to condense those as best I could into questions 1 and 2.

I will update this post (bumped to the top of the page) with his respones, which will be printed unedited, in the exact form in which they are received.

1. On your website, you highlight your support for firearms registration. Can you cite one example of a past crime which was solved by the registration of a firearm? How would firearms registration prevent future crime?

- Jay G./Ron

No I can't cite one example of a past crime solved by registration. That doesn't mean it hasn't happened, I personally am just not aware of any. I simply think it's a good idea and gives the law enforcement trying to solve the crime a starting point.

2. Would you actively support "shall issue" laws pertaining to the issuance of firearms licenses in Massachusetts, which would require unrestricted Licenses to Carry a Firearm be issued to any and all applicants who meet the legal requirements for possession of a firearm?

- Mike/Jeremiah

Yes and I feel there should be a mandated time requirement to do so with some form of penalty if the time requirement isn't met.

3. What is your plan to return Democracy to the People's Republic of Massachusetts and actually enable things like the Tax Roll back referendum, that was voted on and passed, to be put in place? How far are you willing to go to prevent further outrages from happening in the future? How will you stand up to the Senate leadership?

- Bob

As a Republican, standing up to the Leadership is much easier and expected. I will fight to get enough Republicans in the legislature to uphold a veto which will force honest debate and stop the blatant abuse and un-accountability of the legislature. In the meantime I will use the press as extensively as possible to get the word to the people and get them calling their legislators and try to work with the more conservative Democrats.

4. Do you support the right of the people to vote on the gay marriage question?

- Debbie

Yes. Our right to vote is paramount.

5. Do you support allowing open competition among auto insurers in this state to allow consumers more choice in selecting an insurance carrier?

- Scott

Yes. Competition is good.

And, that's a wrap.