Friday, December 15, 2006

Don Veto Travaglini

Post title changed. Wasn't happy with my first attempt at a veto/Vito play on words.

From the Boston Globe:

Senate President Robert E. Travaglini yesterday publicly scolded incoming governor Deval Patrick, telling a breakfast audience that he had warned Patrick to cooperate with the Legislature or Travaglini would withdraw support for Patrick's agenda.

Translation: You get that rubberstamp ready, or else.

In remarks that shocked some in the audience...

Why this should come as a shock to anyone is beyond me. Must've been some folks from out of state in that room.

...the Senate president said that he wants to work with the governor-elect, but he strongly suggested that if things don't go well, the Senate will block Patrick's legislative efforts.

According to the notes of one audience member, Travaglini said: "I told the governor-elect, if you're willing to share and you care and you prepare and are ready to deliver, then everything will work out. If not, I have senators across the state who share my vision and my approach and if forced to choose, I'm comfortable with whom they'll choose."

And, I'm more comfortable than ever with my decision to pack up my stuff and move my family and my tax dollars out of state.

The remarks were confirmed by five people, who gave similar accounts of his statements, but did not want to be quoted by name. Travaglini spokeswoman Ann Dufresne did not return repeated phone calls seeking a comment yesterday.

And, then there's this little gem.

Patrick has repeatedly said he can find $735 million in wasteful spending in the yearly budget. According to audience members, Travaglini said when he objected to the figure, Patrick backed off and said he didn't really mean it.

Remember when Patrick was campaigning so ferociously against the "Beacon Hill Insider Culture"? He had his grassroots band of devotees convinced that all they had to do was get rid of the Republican in the corner office, and life would be a bed of roses.

The will of the people would once again reign supreme!


Patrick gave the Democrat-dominated legislature a total pass and placed every ounce of blame for the shortcomings of our state government on the shoulders of Kerry Healey and Mitt Romney, and the people ate that shit up. They honestly believed Deval was "different" than the rest, and that real change was on the horizon.

Goes to show, some people will believe anything, as long the messenger has a nice suit on and talks in a calm, soothing manner.

"You are feeling sleepy...sleeeeeepy..."

If the 2006 Congressional elections are to be seen as a referendum on President Bush and his policies in Iraq, then the Patrick victory should be seen as a call for Travaglini and the rest of these power-hungry, would-be dictators to stand down and restore the ability of the electorate to shape their local government.

But, of course, that would require these bloated gasbags up on Beacon Hill to put the welfare of the Commonwealth and its citizens ahead of their political aspirations and their never-ending quest for supreme power and control. that'll happen.