Friday, December 15, 2006

Who's Buying This?

From the Boston Globe:

Senate president Robert Travaglini today apologized for publicly criticizing Deval Patrick, saying he had "misspoke" at a breakfast a day earlier.

Translation: Yeah, I was blowing smoke up your ass then, but I'm telling you the truth now.

Put me down as "less than convinced".

From my Bullshit Detector Owner's Manual (p. 48):

If a politician issues two seemingly contradictory statements, or a statement meant to clarify an earlier statement that cast him or her in an unfavorable light, the one made with the fewest number of reporters and news cameras present is the more truthful (by far) of the two. The other, little more than damn-I-so-got-busted, gotta-cover-my-hindquarters bullshit.