Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Anti-Choice Brigade Marches On

From the Portsmouth Herald:

PORTSMOUTH -- A number of area restaurants are already trans fat-free...

Wait a second!

Hold on here! You mean to tell me, that as things currently stand, consumers in New Hampshire have a choice as to whether they want to eat at a restaurant that has eliminated trans fats from its menu or not?

We have the freedom to CHOOSE? Why that's just awful! We gotta put an end to that at once!

...but that isn't stopping employees from voicing concern about a bill that could outlaw the use of trans fats in restaurants and delis across New Hampshire.

Issues raised ranged from government interference to increased business costs.

Expanding the role of government, wherever possible, and stifling economic growth in the process - every socialist's wet dream.

Melissa Jasper, owner of The Friendly Toast in Portsmouth, said she doesn't like the fact that the state could mandate the ingredients she uses, even though her restaurant has also been artificial trans fat-free for a few years.

Yeah, but it's simply no fun if people are allowed do things like this on their own terms. This subversive notion that Americans should be allowed to exercise free will will be the death of us all, I tell you!


"I don't like government micro-management at this level, but we made it a point to change a few years ago for the health of the public," she said.

When The Friendly Toast first switched, Jasper said, she made a point of letting customers know.

"We did sort of brag about it at first," she said. "It helped business."

AAAAAGHH! And, they're allowed to make a PROFIT, as a result of the CHOICES they make pertaining to the day-to-day operation of their PRIVATE businesses??? Are we supposed to just sit back and let that happen?


[Scott Borkland, director of operations at Newick's Seafood in Dover] said there may be some problems for small businesses if the law is passed in New Hampshire.


Borkland said all restaurants should get rid of trans fats, but he's not sure the state should mandate it.

"It is an important thing. I just know it's another regulatory thing that could make it harder (for) small businesses to survive," he said.

Businesses, schmusinesses! So, we send a bunch of parents, who are working hard to provide a good life for their children, to the end of the unemployment line. Big whoop.