Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Granny Staters Strike Again!

Bend over, kids. The Granite State chapter of the Nanny-State Brigade is at it again!

From WMUR in Manchester:

Legislators Seek To Ban Trans Fats

CONCORD, N.H. -- Two Portsmouth Democrats...

Democrats are behind this latest anti-choice initiative? I'm shocked, I tell you. Shocked.

...are on a mission to ban New Hampshire restaurants and stores from preparing and selling food made with heart-damaging trans fats.

And naturally, lung and heart-damaging cigarettes, and liver and brain-damaging alcohol will continue to be legal to sell, purchase, and possess in New Hampshire, on account of the tax revenue their sales generate.

And, if there's one thing a liberal, nanny-state Democrat likes more than tax revenue, it's...um...well...

OK, scratch that thought.

Here's the thing with liberal, nanny-state Democrats.

You give them an inch, and they'll take a mile rough-sawn, splintery 2-by-4 and ram it up your ass, while you're bent over tying your shoes, and then explain to you, using a litany of liberal, feel-good platitudes, how doing that was for the "common good".

The bill sponsored by Reps. Paul McEachern and Jim Splaine was scheduled for a hearing Tuesday before the House Commerce Committee.

Under the proposal, restaurants and stores found to be repeatedly violating the trans fat ban would "constitute an immediate endangerment of public health and safety."

Nanny, Chicken Little. Chicken Little, Nanny.

OK, now that we have the introductions out of the way, let's continue.

Offending businesses could lose their food service licenses.

So, a restaurant owner sells an otherwise legal product to meet the demands of his paying customers, and he'll have his business shut down, sending him and his employees to the unemployment line.

Very nice. How "progressive", indeed.

Again, I have to wonder if creating and preserving job opportunities for the people of New Hampshire is high on the agenda of the liberal Democrats 'round these parts.

Seems to me, their #1 priority here is to turn New Hampshire into the next Massachusetts and drive it to economic and societal ruin as fast as humanly possible. What kind of sick bastards get off doing shit like this? And, who are the brain-damaged people voting for said sick bastards?

I'll make a deal with you, Representatives McEachern and Splaine. If you, personally, don't like fattening foods made with non-politically-correct ingredients, don't eat 'em! And, I will personally take up arms, if necessary, to defend your right to choose not to.

But, if you don't want your neighbors to be free to choose what foods they can and cannot eat, then, I say, "Move down to Cambridge, Massachusetts, you useless, liberal, busybody pieces of garbage." You'll fit right in down there amongst your own kind.

Why can't you and the rest of your intrusive, anti-individual liberty, big-government-knows-best colleagues (from both sides of the aisle, mind you) simply stay the fuck out of my __________?

(A) wallet
(B) garage
(C) bedroom
(D) gun safe
(E) wife's uterus
(F) neighborhood pub
(G) favorite donut shop
(H) all of the above!

Friggin' scumbags.