Wednesday, April 11, 2007

This Just In! Mumbles Still Clueless!

I can't believe I stayed in Boston, putting up with this festering numbfuck and his wanton abrogation of my rights and freedom as long as I did. What the hell was I smoking???

Boston Mayor Tom Menino turned to page 6 of the "What to Say When You have Nothing Meaningful to Say Handbook" yesterday and whipped out the Moral Equivalence Card, as is to be expected from a vaccuous, liberal twit such as himself, when discussing Mitt Romney's claim of being a lifelong hunter.

An infuriated Mayor Thomas M. Menino yesterday slammed former GOP governor Mitt Romney for boasting about his National Rifle Association membership and “bragging” about shooting varmints with a semiautomatic, even as his former capital city is besieged by gun violence.

Shooting rabbits on a farm = Shooting kids on Geneva Ave.

Lawfully-owned firearms = Illegally-obtained firearms.

Hunters = Drug dealers.

Recreational use of firearms = Murder.

Detecting any pattern yet?

"How could you be hoping to talk about public safety in this country when the proliferation of illegal guns is at an epidemic stage and you are proud to say I am a gun proponent," Menino said.

Public safety = police state.

Individual rights = whatever I say they are.

Seriously, how could anyone hope to talk about anything, while keeping the conversation rooted in rational thought and grounded in reality, if 50% of the people involved in the conversation is this knuckle-shuffling buffoon?

Last week, Romney caused a national stir after he seemed to flip-flop on whether he was a lifelong hunter. He made the claim during a presidential campaign appearance last week in New Hampshire to a man wearing an NRA cap.

“I've been a hunter pretty much all my life. I've never really shot anything terribly big. I used to hunt rabbits,” Romney said, admitting later that he’d hunted only twice. “Shooting a rabbit with a single-shot .22 is pretty hard, and after watching me try for a couple of weeks, (my cousins) said, ‘We’ll slip you the semiautomatic. You’ll do better with that.’ And I did.”

Menino, a Democrat, pounced on the comment, saying semiautomatic weapons should be banned.

Because everybody knows they're only function is to mow down large numbers of innocent women and children in as little time as possible. That's why every police officer in Boston carries one.

Now, before anyone accuses me of "looking backwards" by writing about this, let me remind you that this idiot has a national audience, and is actively seeking to spread his totalitarian, gun-banning agenda to all 50 states.

He won't rest until we're all limp, impotent, defenseless wards of the state, relying on the benevolence of the Democrat One World Socialist Party for our every want and need.