Sunday, August 05, 2007

Something to Keep In Mind....

...the next time you hear one of the Democratic candidates for president call for the immediate and permanent repeal of the super-evil Bush tax cuts.

Despite the "inconvenient truth" that federal tax revenues have been pouring into Washington at a record pace in the years following, these idiots will insist on reading from the same bullshit talking points memo, telling us how the country simply "can't afford" to keep those tax cuts permanent.

Well, the day they put an end to insidious bullshit like this is the day I might start to actually pay attention to what this latest batch of Karl Marx wanna-bes has to say. Not that I'll agree with any of it, but I'll possibly give them a few more seconds before changing the channel..

If you’re a fellow C-SPAN geek like me, you’re watching the House in session on a Saturday night. Lots of action tonight. Right now, the defense appropriations bill is being debated. Jeff Flake is on the floor lambasting the 1,300 earmarks in the bill: “There’s an earmark in here for a ‘cold-weather hand protection system.’ We’re givin’ an earmark to a private company to sell gloves!”

The first one Flake is challenging is an amendment to restore the parade ground at the Presidio. Jack Murtha, of course, opposes Flake’s move.

Flake challenges Murtha to identify the sponsor of the Presidio earmark. Murtha won’t say. Flake names the sponsor: It’s the Speaker of the House.

“Why are we earmarking defense money for this? The taxpayers deserve a little better than this…It just seems wrong.” Flake mocks the euphemisms used in earmarks. Holds up a pen and says it would be referred to as a “stenographic polymer communications device” (or something like that) if it were in an earmark.

This Flake guy should be blogging.