Monday, August 27, 2007

The Song Remains the Same

No new news here, really, just more plans for the redistribution of wealth being proposed by the neo-Marxist wing of the Democrat Party. If this doesn't give you an idea of what a Hillary Clinton presidency would be like (tax the rich, open the borders, disarm the law-abiding, expand the government), nothing will.

WASHINGTON - Amid a severe housing market slump, Rep. John Dingell is raising eyebrows with a proposal to eliminate interest-tax deductions for owners of big houses.

The Michigan Communist Democrat says doing so would discourage excess energy consumption and lessen emissions linked to climate change.

Dingell said Friday he plans to introduce legislation next month that would eliminate the tax deduction on mortgage interest for owners of so-called "McMansions" - houses bigger than 3,000 square feet.

What a load of garbage.

This has absolutely, jack-shit NOTHING to do with "saving the planet", as Representative Dingell and the rest of the Algorians would have you believe. This is merely another attempt (in a long line of attempts) to punish "the rich", for their having succeeded in life, through additional, burdensome, confiscatory taxes, the revenues from which would then be used by Dingell and his "progressive" cohorts in the legislature to feed their insatiable appetite for vote-buying entitlement schemes.

The cause of global warming and climate change is merely the vehicle used by these assholes to push this "from each according to his ability" horseshit past an ignorant electorate. They've tried it with global poverty, world hunger, AIDS, and education - pretty much any cause that can have a heartstrings-tugging picture of a fawn-eyed child attached to it.

Remember - it's always "For the Children"TM.

Their justification may change over the decades, but their goal remains the same: Tax the rich to buy the votes of the poor. And if the American economy is irreparably crippled as a result of it, who cares? At least, we'll have finally achieved a state of pure "social justice", in which we'll all be "equally" miserable.

Well, not quite all of us. Those folks fortunate enough to have derived their wealth from tax-free municipal bonds (Mrs. John Kerry, please call your office) or shelter their assets in a manner unavailable to the vast majority of Americans, will continue to live their lavish lifestyles, flying their private jets to their multiple vacation homes, whilst dictating to us how to live our lives, what kind of cars we can buy, what kind of food we can eat, where and how we'll be allowed to have our children educated, etc.

Now, as much as I've implied otherwise on many an occasion, these people (Dingell, Clinton, Kennedy, Edwards, et al) are not, I repeat, not morons. They're all highly-educated people who know exactly what they're doing.

Never confuse malevolence with stupidity.

On the other hand, the voters who actually fall for this bullshit and help to keep these scheming assmonkeys in positions of power are about as rock-headed and ignorant as they come, ideologically blinded past the proverbial point of no return.

To buy into this latest round of Communist claptrap being put forth by Representative Dingell, you would honestly have to believe that a brand-new, 3,000 square-foot home, built with the newest, most energy-efficient materials, doors, windows, insulation, and appliances, consumes more energy than a 100-year-old, 2,000 square-foot home with drafty windows, uninsulated attic space, and 40-year-old appliances.

That reality is irrelevant to the "progressive" community. In their strangely mutated world, it's only the actions and choices of the "rich" people that are destroying the planet.

Anyone who buys into this is either an idiot or an unapologetic, anti-American jack-off.

This is no different than the recent, yet unsuccessful, attempt by the liberal ruling class in the town of Brookline, Massachusetts to impose a surtax on SUV drivers in their town, based on the misguided principle that doing so will help to save the planet from a fiery death.

They'd have you believe that a 2007 Jeep Liberty represents a more egregious waste of fossil fuels, and is therefore a bigger threat to Mother Gaia, than a '75 Volvo station wagon drinking oil like a Kennedy going through the liquor cabinet. But, of course, just as it is with the evil McMansions, it's only the "rich" folks driving all those SUV's who must be punished to be made to pay their "fair share".

These Commie assclowns can kiss my fair ass.

I think I'll hop in my big-ass, earth-murdering, Dodge Ram and go to the range this morning. Might even leave it idling, while I'm shooting, just to keep the AC going.