Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Joe Kenney for Governor

Last spring, I was at the State House in Concord to attend a hearing on the issue of education funding in New Hampshire. I got there early, and decided to grab a bite to eat at the cafeteria downstairs before heading up to the hearing room.

When I made my way to the cashier, I noticed I was right behind Governor Lynch in line, who was grabbing a couple slices of pizza. I took the time to shake his hand and introduce myself, explaining that I had recently relocated to New Hampshire from Boston, and that I was feeling more than a little troubled over the way New Hampshire seemed to be heading in the direction of Massachusetts-style, nanny-state government.

He assured me that he shared my concerns. Though it felt a lot more like a feigned Bill Clinton "I feel your pain" moment than anything resembling genuine empathy.

I then reiterated my feelings on the matter, telling him, in no uncertain terms, that I take the state motto of "Live Free or Die" very seriously.

His reply?

"So do I. So do I."

In light of recent events...

1. His support for an override of President Bush's SCHIP veto, so that the Democrats can get more of the middle class hooked on government entitlement programs.

2. His signing into law of a statewide smoking ban for bars and restaurants.

3. His steadfast refusal to stake out a position on any issue that has even a hint of controversy attached to it.

4. Using the turnpike toll increases as an end-around to raising taxes without going through legislative channels.

...I can only come to one conclusion.

Governor Lynch lied to me.


End of discussion.

Therefore, in the best interest of the future of New Hampshire, and for the preservation of our state's historical commitment to limited government, low taxation, and respect for individual liberty, I am hereby endorsing the candidacy of Joe Kenney for Governor.

Sen. Joseph D. Kenney, a Republican from Wakefield, is in his fourteenth year in the legislature. He beat well known Conway radio talk host George Cleveland, the Grandson of President Grover Cleveland, and long time Democrat activist to win his third term in the Senate this past fall. A Lt. Col in the Marines reserves active duty the Senator was called up to serve during his term last year in Iraq. He was known to do constituent service work from his laptop while in Iraq. The senator worked his way up from private to Lt. Col; has been a member of the U.S. Marine Corps since 1980, and today serves as a special projects officer. During his career Joe has also been a public assistance officer, a teacher, and a summer youth director.

Go, Joe, go!