Thursday, October 25, 2007

Struck Comic Gold Today (I Hope)

While reading the news today at lunchtime, I saw this item in the Portsmouth Herald about Mitt Romney's appearance at Phillips-Exeter Academy, in Exeter, the next town over from me.

I decided to drop by with some reading material for the masses, as well as a little visual aid for those folks reluctant to read anything more than five words long.

Outside the hall where Romney was scheduled to appear, I got to have a lovely chat with a Mitt Romney supporter from Jolly Olde England. Here's a bit of the conversation we had about people's right to defend themselves in their homes (paraphrased as best I can remember).

Me: So what if someone breaks into your house, armed with a knife. Wouldn't you rather have the means to stop him from 15 feet away rather than getting into close combat with him?

Mitt Guy: Oh, God, no!

Me: You'd rather fight him hand-to-hand?

Mitt Guy: God, no! I'd rather be killed than kill someone.

Me (after picking up my jaw): You'd rather be killed than kill someone, even if that person is trying to kill you?

Mitt Guy: Oh, God, yes.

Me: OK.

The best part (I hope) is that this conversation was all captured by a camera crew covering the event. Unfortunately, their equipment had no logo or markings on it that would identify what network or organization they were from.

If anyone finds out, please let me know.

And, yes, that's my spiffy, new Red's Trading Post hat.