Thursday, November 01, 2007

Choice on the Ballot in Utah

No, not that choice.

I'm talking about one of the many choices*, which those on the left side of the aisle** believe are simply too complicated to allow free people to make on their own without being told what to by an all-knowing government.

John Stossel writes:

Next Tuesday, Utah voters go to the polls to decide if their state will become the first in the nation to offer school vouchers statewide. Referendum 1 would make all public-school kids eligible for vouchers worth from $500 to $3,000 a year, depending on family income. Parents could then use the vouchers to send their children to private schools.

Freedom of choice! AAAGH! RUN AWAY!!!

What a great idea. Finally, parents will have choices that wealthy parents have always had. The resulting competition would create better private schools and even improve the government schools.

Parental involvement! EEK!!!

But wait. Arrayed against the vouchers are the usual opponents. They call themselves Utahns for Public Schools. They include, predictably, the Utah Education Association (the teachers union), Utah School Boards Association, Utah School Employees Union, Utah School Superintendents Association, the elementary and secondary school principals associations, and the PTA. No to vouchers! they protest. Trust us. We know what's best for your kids.

Education over indoctrination! OH, THE HUMANITY!!!

Bureaucrats and unions tremble at the thought. On my "20/20" special on education, one teacher had the nerve to sneer, "Competition is not for children!" The opposite is true. Competition and choice mean parent power. It's parents whom the education lobby really fears. The last thing it wants is a system in which parents choose their children's schools. Parents might not choose the union-dominated establishment schools. Better not take that chance.

Free market principles! HOLD ME, MR. SOROS!!!

This issue ranks right up there with the Spitzer/Clinton plan to give illegals drivers licenses as a prime example of what happens when a no-brainer of a proposal meets a bunch of politicians pandering to voters with no brains.


* What to eat, where to smoke, how to protect your family, what kind of light bulbs to buy, what kind of car to drive, which radio talk shows to listen to, how much to pay your employees, etc.

** Yes, I know there are equally anti-choice ding-dongs on the right side of the aisle as well. But this post isn't about South Carolina's ground-breaking dildo ban. I covered that one earlier.