Saturday, November 03, 2007

Welcome to Massachusetts

Here's the story.

Scumbag with a prior criminal record and a loaded gun [and one of the few unrestricted Class A Licenses to Carry issued by the City of Boston, no doubt] walks into a pizza shop and robs the owner of the 60 bucks in the till.

Owner objects and takes off after the above-referenced scumbag.

Scumbag turns, points loaded gun at the owner's head, and pulls the trigger.

Bullet strikes owner in head, killing him.

Scumbag: I didn't mean to.

Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley:

"Once again, an illegal gun has struck down an innocent family man, and once again a young man may pay for his actions for the rest of his life," he said.

Uh-huh. The gun did it.

The armed, violent criminal allowed to walk the streets with impunity, courtesy of the limp-wristed judicial system in Massachusetts, had nothing to do with it.

I mean, really, wow! A career hack politician in Massachusetts [redundancy alert: on] ignoring the realities of life and choosing to adhere, instead, to the politically correct, feel-good talking points of the day? I am simply beyond shocked!

And, the way I'm reading that, Conley's talking as if it would be a great tragedy to have this piece of dirt taken off the streets, thrown into a prison cell, and kept there until he draws his last breath.

Something about not wanting to violate his constitutional right to re-offend, I suppose.

Ooh, I know! How about a law requiring licensed gun owners to purchase costly and ridiculously unnecessary liability insurance policies as part of the process for getting permission from the government to own a gun.

(Yet, asking a potential voter to show an I.D. at the polls is a discriminatory poll tax on the poor)

That'll put an end to this scourge of "illegal guns" that are magically sprouting legs and running around the streets gunning down innocent passers-by.