Tuesday, April 01, 2008

This Just In!

Boston Police Department less than keen on respecting the Constitutional rights of the city's residents.

Who knew?

A friend of mine who was coming to my house to meet me to go out was handcuffed for over a half hour and searched by an undercover Boston Police officer the other night. His crime: getting off the bus one stop after he got on when he realized that his wallet wasn't in his pocket.

He was headed in to meet me in the South End and boarded the bus at Washington St. near Roslindale Village heading to Forest Hills. Upon boarding he realized that his wallet wasn't in his pants pocket and got off at the next stop and began to walk home. As he was walking up the street, an undercover police officer came up from behind and grabbed him and pushed him to the hood of a parked car and handcuffed him. For the next half hour the police officer (who had called for backup) searched his phone, wallet (which he actually did have, it was in a leg pocket in his cargo pants) and repeatedly questioned him about text messages (even asking "who's Neal?") and his employment status, if he had ever been arrested or even got tickets (neither of which he had gotten ever, despite the cop saying he "had it on the screen") and why he got off the bus after one stop.

Welcome to Boston: Please check your Bill of Rights at the door.