Saturday, March 29, 2008

$120 for a [expletive deleted] hammer???

...and there's no bottle opener built-in???

So, I'm back from my three-day "vacation" down in Rhode Island (aka: the JLC LIVE Residential Construction Show.

Before calling it a day and heading home this afternoon, I decided to stick around and wait for them to post the daily door prize winners. Good call. My ticket number showed up at the top of the list for the 12oz Titanium "Remodeler" hammer from Stiletto Tools.

Of course, not an hour earlier, I had bought a hammer at the show, as I was in need of a second hammer. So now, I've got a new $120 titanium hammer (come on, who doesn't need one of these?) and a Death Stick to keep my well-worn leather-handled Estwing company in the truck.

Those were only $15 out the door. Not bad.

I'll post a review of the Stiletto after I start banging the kids' tree house together later this spring (once all the global warming in my back yard melts).