Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Another "Only One Professional Enough"

This one comes out of New Bedford, Massachusetts:

A firearms instructor in southern Massachusetts has been assigned to other duties after his gun accidentally went off while he was teaching a class on weapons safety.


I just "went off".

Bad gun.

Officials say the Glock handgun discharged while Maj. Donald Lamar was demonstrating to Bristol County deputy sheriffs how to safely holster the weapon.

Yep, the handgun just up and "discharged". I hope it will be appropriately disciplined. Maybe a diet of cheap range ammo for a month. No more Hydra-Shoks for you until you learn to behave, Mister!

The bullet ripped a hole in Lamar's pants but missed his leg and foot.

Sheriff Thomas Hodgson says the officer made a "gross error in judgment" by not emptying the weapon before the class last week.

Ya think?