Sunday, May 11, 2008

Making the Country a Safer Place... dead scumbag at a time.

Fort Worth Donut Shop Robber Shot & Killed

A Fort Worth businesswoman was almost robbed at her shop, but a neighbor comes to her rescue. In the end, the man suspected of the crime is shot and killed.

Chong Im Randle, who friends call Angel, described her conversation with the would-be robber. "I say you not to shoot. Okay, you kill me I'm going to heaven. You go to jail."


Randal says 45-year-old Richard Lane wore a mask when he broke into Happy Donuts around 1:30 a.m., with what looked like a rifle. He stole money from the cash drawer, beat Randal up and tried to steal her car.


Meanwhile her neighbor, 54-year-old Stanley Livingston, heard the commotion next door, grabbed his shotgun and ran over to help. That's when Lane allegedly pointed his gun at Livingston, who fired one shot killing the robber.

What a bitter, gun-clinging, immigrant-hating American! He should have chosen the more enlightened and progressive response of calling 911 and listening to the sounds of the immigrant shopkeeper being brutally assaulted over the course of the next three or four minutes, while waiting for the police to show up.

It's what Barack wants us all to do, if we find ourselves in a similar situation as this.

And, he knows best.

His wife said so.

And, here's one from the "Who Could've Guessed?" files:

According to Fort Worth police Lane was armed with a BB gun rifle during the robbery. State records indicate Lane had an extensive criminal history, including aggravated assault and aggravated robbery.

I sit here truly shocked.

Gun Control: Because the right of a violent, career criminal to break into a woman's place of business in the middle of the night, beat the crap out of her blind is more sacred than the right of her law-abiding neighbor to prevent him from doing so.