Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Anyone Thirsty?

From the John Stephen for Congress campaign:

7:30 PM Tuesday (July 15th ) – Debate Party @ Murphy’s Tap Room, 494 Elm Street, Manchester

Watch John Stephen on MCAM with fellow supporters as he takes on Jeb Bradley.

John will join the party after the debate!

I'll be the guy in the Hawaiian shirt with the .45 on his hip. But, seeing how it's summertime in New Hampshire, that description might not necessarily narrow it down enough.

Add: Green floral print

UPDATE: I'll have free bumper stickers to give away to anyone who wants one (while supplies last).

On that note, if you're still waiting for stickers that you've ordered, I just sent out a couple orders today. The Paypal notifications had ended up in my spam mailbox again. Problem fixed. I think/hope.

UPDATE II: From the Event Planning for Dummies Handbook:

When scheduling a get-together at a location for people to meet up and watch your candidate in a local debate being broadcast on a local cable access station, call ahead to see if the location in question gets that channel from their TV service provider.

Oh, well.

A good time was had by all, regardless. One thing was quite puzzling to me, though. With all the people there who were carrying handguns, I don't know how anyone made it out of there alive. It should have been a veritable bloodbath of monumental proportion.

Those gun control types aren't lying to us, are they?

Say it isn't so.