Sunday, July 06, 2008

It's a Pity the Victim Wasn't Armed

Because, I know I wouldn't exactly be losing any sleep if this story had included the phrase "drilled the asshole a third eye socket".

FALMOUTH (WBZ) ― A group of youths allegedly attacked a dad and his family on the Fourth of July after accusing them of being Yankees fans.

Falmouth police said Robert Correia, 20, and several other young men approached a family in their car, which had New York plates, and began to harass them about being Yankees fans.

According to police, the family was unable to move their car away from the group because they were stuck in post-fireworks traffic. The dad asked the group to go away because his kids were in the car, police said, but the alleged attackers would not leave him alone.

Correia and the group allegedly assaulted the dad with a baseball bat.

He sustained a head injury and other injuries as a result of the attack.

I blame the NRA Major League Baseball. ~ Mumbles Menino

UPDATE: I wonder if these assholes are related.

FALMOUTH (WBZ) ― The town of Falmouth is outraged after a teen pulled a mean and dangerous prank on an elderly man fishing with his grandson.

According to police, a 14-year-old boy, whose name is not being released, ran up behind a 71-year-old man and pushed him off a dock at Megansett Beach and into the ocean Sunday afternoon. "Some kid just came running from out of nowhere, came running down the dock and just pushed him in the water," said Anthony Julian, who witnessed the attack.

The man pushed into the water had cuts on his knees from the fall and lost a pair of expensive eyeglasses. "I saw the guy... He came out... he was bleeding on his knee and he was just so shaken up. He had his inhaler, his wallet, his cell phone all in his pocket... all destroyed."