Monday, July 21, 2008

This One's For Martha Coakley

Another video from this weekend's Northeast Blogger Self-Help Seminar.

The force Hopenchange is strong with this one.

There's nothing on Earth more cockle-warming than bringing a new female shooter into the fold at Bloggershoot and watching her rapidly progress from .22 rifles up to .38 wheelguns, AR-15's, Enfields, 12-ga shotguns, and finally trying her hand at a little full-auto goodness with a Madsen submachine gun.

Sorry, Martha, but Lissa doesn't look all that "discouraged". I realize the thought of women empowering themselves scares you senseless. And, I do feel your pain. What kind of precedent are we setting for our children? Who wants to live in a world where women are seen as independent and free citizens?

I mean, if women can't be forced to live their lives cowering in fear in the face of evil and groveling on their knees in the face of an authoritarian government, begging for your benevolence and care, then what's the point?

UPDATE: Just in case Breda isn't feeling sufficiently envious.