Thursday, September 18, 2008

Stating the Mind-Numbingly Obvious

Mary Katharine Ham, writing at the Weekly Standard:

Nothing to see here. Just your average hack of a vice presidential candidate's e-mail account with no political motivation whatsoever. I'm sure if it does end up being a Democrat's son who's the culprit, the media will regain its respect for the privacy of politicians' children but quick.


Anyone who would deny that such a double standard exists in the media today has his head so far up his ass he could be wearing his ribcage for a hockey helmet.

And, anyone who believes that the media coverage of this would be no different were it the son of a Republican politician hacking into Joe Biden or Barack Obama's personal e-mail, and posting the contents thereof on the internet, is simply ignorant beyond measure.

UPDATE: Here's another one.

Let’s pause for a moment to consider the gobsmacking outrage that would ring from every corner of the MSM and the left (redundancy alert!) if say, oh I don’t know, noted Christian Sarah Palin argued that her tax proposals were based on her church’s teachings.