Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Only In Massa-bleepin'-chusetts!

Seriously, can we start digging the State Line Moat now? WTF?

Ex-senator wants double pension

J. James Marzilli Jr., the former state senator from Arlington who resigned in disgrace after being charged with harassing or attempting to grope women in downtown Lowell, wants the state to nearly double his pension.

In a request submitted to the state Board of Retirement, Marzilli, a 50-year-old liberal Democrat with 23 years of local and state service, cites a state law that allows elected officials under age 55 with more than 20 years of creditable service to boost their pension if they fail to win reelection.

Is that state motto contest still open?

Massachusetts: Rewarding corruption, incompetence, and failure since long before most of you suckers were even a tingle in your Daddy's pants.