Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pop Quiz: Going To the Movies Edition

Here are a couple new movies hitting theaters this winter.

For 50 bonus points, guess which one of these has already won numerous awards, having been being fawned over by the Hollywood/Obamastream media establishment, and which one will more likely come and go, virtually ignored by the same.

Movie #1: Defiance

Starring: Daniel Craig


Three Jewish brothers escape from Nazi-occupied Poland into the Belarussian forest, where they join Russian resistance fighters and endeavor to build a village in order to protect themselves and others in danger.

Movie #2: Milk

Starring: Sean Penn, Josh Brolin


After moving to San Francisco, the middle-aged New Yorker, Harvey Milk, became a Gay Rights activist and city politician. On his third attempt, he was elected to San Francisco's Board of Supervisors in 1977, making him the first openly gay man to be elected to public office in the USA. The following year, both he and the city's mayor, George Moscone, were shot to death by former city supervisor, Dan White, who blamed his former colleagues for denying White's attempt to rescind his resignation from the board.

For anyone who hasn't figured this out already, your odds of winning an Academy Award (Palme d'Or, Golden Globe, etc.) these days increase exponentially if your plot line follows a pre-approved, politically correct, left-wing formula.

Needless to say, a movie about the members of an oppressed population, banding together and taking up arms, in the name of freedom and liberty, against a murderous, fascist regime does not conform to any such cinematic blueprint.

That's not to say that "Milk" isn't a great movie, necessarily, or even the best movie of the year. It very well might be. Putting aside for one moment his undying adoration for every America-hating dictator to come down the pike, Sean Penn is a very talented actor, who's brought many remarkable characters to life on the big screen.

Jeff Spicoli, anyone?

The obvious point I'm making here is that a movie like "Milk" could end up sucking gigantic moose balls, but, because the storyline and the underlying moral theme conform to the "formula", it will be showered with immeasurable praise, regardless of actual merit.

Movies like "Defiance"? No mulligans there. They actually have to earn their accolades.