Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sticking to the Playbook

Barack Obama, July 2008:

"We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded."

Cambridge, Massachusetts (December 2008):

Nothing captures the true spirit of Christmas like ratting out your neighbors on a government website.

That, apparently, is the attitude in Cambridge, where the city has established a website for citizens to anonymously report each other for failing to shovel their sidewalks. It's kind of a DIY "naughty and nice" list, except nobody's nice. And because it's anonymous, you'll never know who ratted you out for the $50 ticket when the Cambridge snow cops come knocking on your door.

(Cambridge DPW "complaint" site here)

I gotta say, that's not quite how things work 'round these parts.

If one of our neighbors needs help getting his driveway cleared, we'll show up at his house with shovels and snowblowers. If his power goes out, we'll bring a gas can for the generator, an extra lantern, or a couple jugs of drinking water.


I guess we're just not as full of Hopenchange as our "progressive" neighbors to the south.

Of course. if the liberal, elitist gasbags running the City of Cambridge were actually as concerned about their fellow Cantabrigians as they pretend to be, they'd have set up a website where people could go to find out who needs help shoveling their sidewalks.

But, that wouldn't create a revenue stream for the city coffers, and more importantly, it would violate the Liberal Creed:

Ask not what you're government can do for you. Demand it.

But, wait, the story gets better.

While taping the story on location in Cambridge, the Fox 25 reporter encountered a woman who lives in Cambridge public housing. She took him to her housing complex where the sidewalks weren't cleared and the emergency egress doors were blocked by snowdrifts.

Go figure.

Later, when Fox25 tried to get in touch with Cambridge Mayor E. Denise Simmons' office concerning this matter, she dived right back into her dog-eared copy of The Official Barack Obama Playbook (chapter 7): Obfuscation You Can Believe In.

One more thing...

WTKK's Michael Graham (linked above) and others reporting on this story seem to be under the impression that the city of Cambridge's website offers residents anonymity in exchange for their ratting out of their neighbors (yes, I know...Joe Stalin would be proud).

Ready the bullshit flag, me hearties.

If you stumble upon this blog, whether you choose to leave a comment or not, I can instantly tell, among other things, where you are located, what operating system you're running, how many pages you viewed while you were here, and the IP address from which you accessed my blog.

If someone of the Republican persuasion were to use that website to rat out a member of the Commonwealth's Ruling Class, it likely wouldn't take more than a minute or two for that person's information to be accessed and for the full-blown, Joe the Plumber-style (and media-coordinated) assault to be underway.

Viva el Hopenchange!