Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Q: What's Wrong With This Picture?

A: Not a damn thing. This is perfectly normal behavior in the world of Hopenchange politics.

The state is forcing the Boston Police Department to admit the wife of City Councilor and mayoral candidate Michael Flaherty to its cop academy - even after she twice failed physical agility tests required of aspiring officers.

The Massachusetts Civil Service Commission’s Jan. 29 ruling in favor of Laurene Flaherty, 39, comes nearly two years after her councilor husband succeeded in raising the maximum age for new academy recruits from 32 to 40.

Up next, lowering the age at which a police officer can retire on a full pension to 42.

Michael Flaherty, reached last night, denied that he pushed the measure to hike the age cap on behalf of his wife. “That’s absolutely not true,” he said. “This legislation was supported by the police commissioner, and the mayor signed off on it.”

Gee, if Mumbles said it's OK, what's left to argue?