Sunday, February 15, 2009

She Blinded Me With "SCIENCE"

Please forgive any typos or misspellings that might pop up in this post. I'm having a hard time typing with all this fiery hot blood spurting out of my eyeballs right now.

This could have been $1.6 BILLION blindly and unaccountably allocated to "RE-EDUCATION PRISONS", and none of the lawmakers who voted for this monstrosity of a pork-barrel turd-biscuit would have so much as batted an eye.

Nor would any of the gullible and malleable mushbrains among us who have yet to come out of their media-induced trance of unyielding obedience to the Chicago gangster and Marxist revolutionary sitting in the Oval Office today.

And, certainly, not our once-free and independent media, an entity that at one point in our nation's past would have been circling like sharks at the very thought of a handful of elitist politicians committing such a momentous act of theft and deceit against the American people.

Can you imagine the level of outrage if George Bush and a Republican-controlled Congress had even thought about ramrodding through $1.6 BILLION in spending under an equally ambiguous heading such as "DEFENSE" or (gasp!) "FAMILY VALUES" with NO ADDITIONAL INFORMATION provided and no mechanism for accountability in place to even hint as to where that money would end up and how it would be spent???

The fires would STILL be burning.

But, when Pelosi, Reid, and Obama pull it off, it's just a big, delicious bowl of sunshine. And, we're supposed to bend over and take it.

From the New Unabridged Dictionary of Hopenchange:

P.R.O. Choice: a state of mindless subservience wherein once-free citizens unconditionally surrender their personal sovereignty to the almighty and all-powerful State, and allow Pelosi, Reid, and Obama to make all their choices for them.

(via Gateway Pundit)