Wednesday, February 11, 2009

As If You Needed Further Proof...

...that this foot-wide pork sausage we're about to get rammed up our ass has very little to do with re-invigorating the American economy, but rather expanding government control over the lives of a once-free populace.

US Senator Dianne Feinstein hopes to update President Barack Obama's $838bn economic stimulus package so that American ISPs can deter child pornography, copyright infringement, and other unlawful activity by way of "reasonable network management."

Of course, "reasonable" in her totalitarian mindset can be defined as "Only members of Congress will be allowed to own and carry firearms. The rest of you dirt-eating peasants have to turn yours in to be destroyed".

According to Public Knowledge, the Motion Picture Association of America is behind Feinstein's language. The MPAA doesn't like copyright infringement. And you can bet the child pornography bit was tossed in for added effect.

If there's one thing Feinstein and the rest of the big government socialists in Congress have learned over the years, it's that there's no human shield more effective than an innocent child for hiding one's true agenda behind.