Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tell Me This Wouldn't Happen...

...and I'll tell you I've got a waterproof tunnel in Boston for sale.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Public Safety Infraction Report

Make/Model: Toyota Prius
Registered owner of vehicle: Joe Sucker
Residence: Cambridge
Plate number: ILUVHOPE

Start time: 07:17:39.5
Location: NEWTON
Coordinates: 42 DEG 20' 19.93" N, 71 DEG 16' 42.70" W

End time: 07:25:42.7
Coordinates: 42 DEG 17' 56.57" N, 71 DEG 28' 29.23" W

Road/Highway: MA TURNPIKE
Jurisdiction: STATE

Distance traveled: 11.14 miles
Elapsed time: 8:03.2

Average Speed: 83.0 MPH
MPH over Speed Limit: 18

Amount of Fine: $460

Please make check or money order payable to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Thank you very much for your compliance.

See previous post here for background info.