Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Call It a Hunch...

...but something tells me this guy's days of freedom are numbered.

CHESTERFIELD, N.H. -- Police in Chesterfield are searching for a man who took money from businesses while claiming to be a U.S. Marshal.

Police said the man showed a badge and a holstered gun to a convenience store owner in Chesterfield Monday morning. He told the store owner that he was investigating a counterfeit bill operation and took an undisclosed amount of money.

And, here's where the victim in the story crosses the line from run-of-the-mill gullible into "What in the name of the Earl of Dingleberry were you thinking???" territory.

He also told the victim that due to the large amount of fake currency he found, he would need to go to the victim's bank.

Police said that while at the bank, the man told the victim that he would need him to turn over the money to be checked. Police said the victim turned the money over and was driven to Vermont before being taken back to the store.

"Yeah, we suspect there's some counterfeit money in this bank nearby, where you just happen to be a customer. So, if you'd be so kind as to take some money out of your checking account and give it to us, so we can properly examine it, that would be great. Thanks."

How does that not sound fishy?

The man was last seen driving a 2005 or newer black Jeep Grand Cherokee with black tinted windows with a single license plate on the back. Police said both victims described the plate as a government plate due to the letters "GOV" written at an angle on the left side of the plate. Police said the plate had a light blue background with dark lettering.

If anyone's interested, as I was, "GOV" does not appear to be a legitimate prefix, either past or present, for U.S. Government plates.

Though, let's review.

He'll lie to your face, tell you he's something he's not, and rob you blind, while all the while, flashing a nice, friendly smile. I dunno, sounds pretty much like the government's M.O. to me.

And, check out the picture at that WMUR story I linked. The guy even helped himself to a lollipop from the bank's candy basket. Nice touch.