Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Compare and Contrast

I'll let these headlines (same city, different day) speak for themselves. Suffice to say, in one of these incidents, the criminal was not the only one who was armed.

5/1/09: College Park Man Killed In Home Invasion

5/4/09: College Student Shoots, Kills Home Invader

UPDATE: Here's another story of a home invasion, also in the Atlanta area. This one almost turned fatal for the scumbags involved, and resulted in no innocent victims being killed, due to the selfless and heroic actions of an armed neighbor.

Inside the home, Ambra Horton was at the mercy of the three gunman demanding money.

"I said okay well, it's in the garage. So that's when I began to lead them down to the garage," said Ambra Horton. "So they start to look around in this trunk and they quickly found out that it wasn't' so they get frustrated. So, they go to the next car.

"And while they are over there and focused on trying to find some money, I tip toe just quietly and I mash the button. If you could see all this debris over here, I don't know how I got through all that."

Ambra Horton raised the garage door and when it was raised about 18 inches off the ground, she dove under the door.

About that time, the Horton's neighbor opened fire on the intruders, missing the would-be robbers but allowing Ambra Horton to run to safety.

All these lives being saved by armed citizens...Barack Obama wouldn't be pleased to know about this. Thanks goodness his friends in the mainstream media will do all they can to prevent this news from ever reaching his eyes and ears.

UPDATE II: It's sure been a bad week for defenseless college students in Atlanta.

Less than 24 hours before a Georgia Tech student was shot during a Monday night carjacking, a Georgia State University student was kidnapped and shot by three men in the same area of northwest Atlanta.