Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Um...Forgetting Something?

Boston Herald:

Ted Kennedy’s wife, Vicki, and his nephew, former congressman Joe Kennedy, are getting set for a bruising battle over who will succeed the ailing senator, according to a new book excerpted in the new issue of Vanity Fair magazine.


You don't get to choose.

This decision will not be yours to make. Nor, will it be the task of your good friend, Governor Hopnechange.

Should Ted Kennedy's senate seat become prematurely vacated, for any reason, the responsibility of selecting his replacement will fall on the shoulders of the voters of Massachusetts, not, as you would prefer, a hand-picked cabal of political insiders.

Don't you remember?

Just over four years ago, the Beacon Hill power brokers were contemplating the possibility of John Kerry being elected president. And, that if that were to happen, the appointment of his replacement in the Senate would have been in the hands of their (gasp!) Republican governor, Mitt Romney.

So, they did what any bunch of self-serving political hacks would do. They changed the law to suit their needs.

Of course, at the time, they insisted that such a move had nothing to do with politics, and that it was all about recognizing and respecting the voice of the electorate.

(If you need a moment to soak up the irony in that bit of "reasoning" before reading any further, I'll understand.)

Now that the Democrat's once-nebulous agenda of "HopenchangeTM" has been made crystal clear to the American public, and finally revealed for all to see as an agenda of "Tax, Borrow, Spend, Lather, Rinse, Repeat", the people are starting to wake up and see where this path will lead us.

I'm not saying enough people in Massachusetts will come to their senses and elect a small government, fiscal conservative to replace Senator Kennedy, in the event his seat becomes vacant "before its time".

But, should the job of selecting his replacement be left up to Deval "I Dream of Barry With the Light Brown Pecs" Patrick, one thing would be certain, absolute and undying loyalty to Barack Obama and his Bankrupt America Campaign.

My question to you all is this:

How long will it be before someone on Beacon Hill proposes changing the law back to the way it was in 2004, using our current economic crisis as justification for subverting the (once-sacred) will of the people in their pursuit of power?

"There's no time to set up a special election. We're in a crisis!!!"

Or saying that having that senate seat vacant for more than 14.2 seconds would be depriving the good people of Massachusetts of their Constitutionally-dictated representation in the US Senate?

"How dare we allow the people's voice to be inadequately represented???"

I give 'em a week.