Sunday, June 28, 2009

This is Getting Eppin' Ridiculous

So, I've been planning on writing a post here about the drinking water in Epping, New Hampshire, as in "What the hell is in the water in Epping?". But, there's so much blogworthy crap going on there, it's hard to keep up.

Seems I can't go two days without hearing some news story on the radio about some dipshit doing something off-the-chart stupid/bizarre in Epping (the hometown of noted boyfriend butcher/burner, Sheila LaBarre).

A couple weeks ago, there was a guy who got into a fender-bender that popped his hood up, and he kept on driving with his head sticking out the window until the cops pulled him over (no link, sorry).

Then, last week, there was this story of a guy who was arrested for firing a rifle in his front yard during his daughter's graduation party.

A couple days after that, 19-year-old Russell Call of Newton went missing after crashing his car in Epping and walking through the woods for two days before showing up in some guy's back yard.

And, just yesterday, this asshole decided to jump on the hood of a car driven by a guy who supposedly cut him off on 125 by the Burger King and drew down on him.

Not to excuse what Captain Shitferbrains did, by any measure, but I've been cut off a couple times by people whipping out of that Burger King parking lot. There's not a whole lot of merging space available there.

Google Street View:

It's also on the stretch of 125 near the 101 interchange where the speed limit drops to 40 mph before going back up to 55 further down the road. Needless to say, people don't always give half a crap about the speed limit signs, especially if they get green lights at the 101 underpass. I'll wager Quickdraw McDouchebag wasn't going 40 when he came up on the Burger King.

UPDATE: Here's the missing link, via reader PISSED in the comments.