Tuesday, July 07, 2009

File Under: If You Have to Ask...

I can only shake my head at the utter stupidity of these "surveys" I keep getting from various GOP fundraising organizations that are supposed to (a) provide the voters with a way to "make their voices heard", and (b) give the Republicans in Congress some ideas as to what the people want them to do.

Well, here's my idea for them. Stop mailing these moronic surveys, look out your f***ing window and open your eyes. We're making our voices heard as loud as we can, but very few of you seem to be listening.

Actual question:

Do you endorse Republican Congressional efforts to put America's economy back on track by cutting taxes, shrinking government, cutting government regulations and opening up all opportunities for our free nation's enterprise system to create, innovate and prosper?

___ Yes __ ___ No __ ___ Not sure

You wasted perfectly good money to ask me that???

I hope you're not too mystified by my decision not to return the postage-paid envelope to your "Reaearch Department" (yes, it really says that) with a $100 check in it.

I could take my wife out for dinner and drinks for $100, strike up a conversation at the bar with a bunch of strangers, and be responsible for lining up more votes against Carol Shea Porter in the 2010 election than I would by sending $100 to you morons.