Friday, February 19, 2010

Technical Support Fail

Just picked up a TI-84 Plus Silver Edition graphing calculator. I'll give you one guess as to what error message keeps popping up when I attempt to transfer applications from my laptop to the calculator via TI's TI Connect software.

TechniCalc Forum (March 2006):

When I try to copy anything to my TI-84 Plus I keep getting the error message - Access Denied (80070005) - any help out there? I am using TI Connect with device explorer. (July 2006):

I'm using a TI-84 Plus Silver Edition and I have recently cleared the RAM and Archive. Now whenever I try to transfer files onto my calculator with TI Connect I recieve the message "Access is denied. (80070005)." (July 2006):

Hi. i am trying to transfer a program from my laptop to my TI 84 Plus Silver Edition calculator. i put in new batteries in to the clac. when i press transfer it says that

Access is Denied

and gives me the error message
80070005 (september 2006):

can someone please help me I've got a problem my com say:
Acces denied. (80070005)
(it's dutch it really say's toegang geweigerd (80070005))
evry time i try to put a program on my cal. (TI-84 plus) for this reason i went back to the store and got a new cal. but now i have the same problem again. (september 2006):

everytime i try to transfer files to my calc it keeps saying access is denied 80070005. what does this mean n how do i fix?

im useing TI 84+ (October 2006):

when i tried to send it to my calc with ti connect, i keep getting

access is denied


i get this a lot btw

so plz help! (October 2006):

I bought a TI-84 calculator last month and put a couple programs on but today something weird happened. Whenever I try to put any programs on using TI Connect it says access denied error code 80070005. I cant put any programs or applications at all! I have plenty of space and reinstalled TI connect. I even took all the batteries out and nothings working! I contacted TI from their web site and havent gotten a reply yet. Can anyone help me? (February 2007):

I get my comp to recognise the calc as USB1, but during transfers it says "Access is Denied" or "The Current Transfer Failed, A Retry May Be Successful" (April 2007):

Whenever i upload stuff to my calculator i get an errorr saying that 80070005 Access is Denied. who out there can help ME? (June 2007):

TI-84 Plus Silver Edition Help!?!?
Listen to my story before answering, so you know the problem.
First, I put games, Apps, and Programs on my calculator. Then, It said it was full. Next, I deleted unnessisary APP Variables, Apps, and Programs. Next, I tried to put so games back on. Next, it says some error message and it game me this error message number "80070005". (October 2007):

My Ti-84 SE Calculator is acting up on me when i am trying to download games or ion on to it. It gives me a message when i try transfering data to it. the message is Access is Denied (80070005) i've tried for ever to get around it
some one please help me. (February 2008):

I have a windows 2000 with TI connect installed, and I can't transfer stuff to the TI84+ calculator. At first, it detects the calculator, but later, it says there's not connection. Also, by that time, the windows thing usually says 'found new hardware' and prompts to install. does that have anything to do with it? but i want to backup the stuff on my calculator, and it won't let me.


Also, sometimes, I get messages such as "A retry may be successful (8C010000)" and also, "Access is denied (80070005)" (August 2008):

Help with my TI 84: Transferring Programs to my computer?
Okay. So when i attempt to transfer programs from the calculator to my computer, i get this error message: "Transfer Status: Access is denied. (80070005)". I have no clue what those numbers mean, and i have no idea why the access is denied (I've run the program with admin privileges with no help). My OS version is 2.4, and my calculator's free RAM is 1000 something. Someone please help? (September 2009):

TI-84 Plus Access is Denied. 80070005?
The calculator is brand new. I connected it to my computer to get the Puzzpack but it keeps giving me the error code: Access is Denied. 80070005. PLEASE HELP! (September 2009):

I get an Access is Denied error when I try to add anything to my Ti-84+ (January 2010):

How do you install apps on a TI-84 Plus graphing calculator using TI Connect?

Whenever I try to do these things, it says "Access is denied." :(

And, what does Texas Instruments have to say on their oh-so helpful "Knowledge Base" website?

The error "Access Denied" indicates that the TI-Connect software could not complete the current transfer due to an unforeseen error. Please try the following troubleshooting steps if the error persists.

Yeah, let me know when this becomes a foreseen error.

No rush.

UPDATE: Quote of the day, courtesy of TI tech support...

"I don't know what else to do."