Monday, March 08, 2010

Meet the NH GOP Senate Candidates

Sorry for the short notice, but I've been busy helping to put this candidate forum together as part of my "real life" activities.

The Brentwood Republican Committee announces the first in a series of Republican Candidate forums to be held this spring at Hilton Auditorium at the Rockingham County Complex, 117 North Road in Brentwood.

The first is scheduled for next Tuesday, March 9th at 7PM and features Republican Candidates for the United States Senate from New Hampshire. Kelly Ayotte, Jim Bender and Ovide Lamontagne are confirmed to participate in the event, which will provide residents of Brentwood and the public the opportunity to meet and discuss the issues with each candidate in a “Round Robin” format.

Additional forums are planned in April (US Congress), May (NH Governor), and June (NH House, NH Senate and NH Executive Council). Dates once confirmed will be posted on our web site at

Come on down, grill the would-be senators, and buy a "Party of NO" bumper sticker or two ten.