Thursday, May 13, 2010


Boston Herald: Three arrested in FBI sweep from Times Square probe

Three people have been taken into custody on immigration violations today after raids in Watertown, Brookline and other parts of the Northeast in connection with the attempted May 1 Times Square bombing, according to the FBI and state officials.

One man arrested in the Bay State today had previously been ordered out of the country, a federal source tells the Herald.


The Herald has learned the Bay State men arrested are Pakistanis who provided money to the Times Square bombing suspect. That money trail was the key to today’s sweep.

Enter the country illegally, settle down in Massachusetts, and funnel money to would-be terrorists, without the authorities knowing who or where you are or what you're up to.

But just try to get a license to lawfully own a firearm in the Commonwealth, and they've got your fingerprints, photo, name, hair color, eye color, weight, address, SS number, birth certificate, job title, employer's name and address, etc.

Ask me again why I moved out.