Saturday, August 06, 2005

2005 Northeast Bloggershoot - The Aftermath

What do you know? A good time was had by all.

Here are a few pics to whet your appetites for what we hope is a follow-up Bloggershoot in early October. Please bear in mind as you salivate over the pictures that this event took place in Massachusetts. Do you think State Senator Jarrett Barrios will be free to attend our next get-together? Perhaps that world-reknowned sportsperson, John Kerry will tag along and bring his favorite Chinese assault rifle.

Anyway, enough of them - on with the show. The event started at (and stayed and ended at)...

... the machine gun range. Did I mention this was in Massachusetts? (insert big freakin' crap-eating grin here)

The hardware assortment was impressive, to say the least. And to be politically correct, diversity was heavily celebrated. There were evil, sca-a-a-ary, black guns.

But, fear not, all you hopeless romantics out there (Kim). They were handily outnumbered by the wood and steel variety.

OK, there might be some repetition with these pics, but what would you rather I do? Not post them? Surely, you jest.

There will be a few video clips uploaded at some time in the future for your viewing pleasure. Of course, the camera wasn't rolling when yours truly hit the 2-liter bottles with Jay's "new" Mosin Nagant 91/30 (named Svetlana) and Mark's Mosin Nagant carbine (I gotta get me one of them), and then finished off the last bottle standing with the Security Six (one-handed).

Three shots, three kills.

Yes, I had to mention that. What I won't mention is that Jay missed with his first attempt with Svetlana. Oops...did I just type that?

Other notable notes:

Jay's old pump-action .22 is an absolute [expletive deleted] joy to shoot.

Shooting a full-auto AK-47 is fun.

The 5.56mm NATO might be a poodle-shooter, but with a 100-round Beta-Mag, that's 100 dead poodles.

Ted Kennedy can still kiss my ass.

Well, that's it for now. More to follow, I'm sure. And now the obligatory group photo.

(back row: Jack, Andrew, Brian, Bruce; front row: Mark, Alan, Jay)

Not much more to add to that. Kim will probably have an appropriate greeting for a few select senators to accompany that pic. I'll just close with - God bless the United States of America, and may I reside there soon.

UPDATE - Words of belated thanks:

Thank you to Mark for driving down from New Hampshire, USA and providing us with a trunkload of rifles to play with.

And thanks to HSC member Jerry for the use of the full-auto AK. I suspect the old adage will hold true - you never forget your first time.

UPDATE: For Aaron

"Happiness is an unfolded bayonet…" - Jay G.

(pic courtesy of Toys in the Attic)