Wednesday, October 19, 2005

See No Evil, Hear No Evil...

...speak no evil intelligible phrases.

OK, I've never been one to shy away from labeling Boston Mayor Menino a bumbling, out-of-touch buffoon suffering from a severe case of recto-cranial implantation. And I can't say this story is likely to make me change my opinion of him any time soon.

Mayor nearby as gunfire shatters night

Mayor Thomas M. Menino said he had just left the Blue Hill Avenue Boys and Girls Club 10th anniversary celebration yesterday when a 19-year-old let loose with thunderclaps from a .357 Magnum a half-block away, firing six rounds at a man whose sweatshirt was torn by two bullet holes.

It was the first of two shooting incidents close to city leaders in a matter of hours yesterday.

Menino insisted to the Herald he wasn't there and didn't hear any gunfire, but a police source said Menino was there when the shots rang out, prompting the cops in attendance to rush out of the Boys and Girls Club toward the shots on nearby Harvard Street, where detectives collared Shaka Dyette of Dorchester. Police Commissioner Kathleen O'Toole -– also present -– told the Herald she didn't hear the shots either.

But the source said, "Everyone heard it. Boom. Boom. A couple cops ran out of the Boys and Girls Club."

As Derek commented on this previous post:

Maybe that will make them pull their head out of their asses.

I have my doubts. It raises a valid question, though.

What will it take for our "leaders" to dislodge their heads from their collective poop-chute, step outside their worlds of "progressive" oblivion, and and take in a deep breath of reality along with the rest of us?

I'll tell you this. If six rounds out of a .357 Magnum a half a block away won't get their attention, then we've get a far more serious problem on our hands than I originally thought.