Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Great Gun Summit (cont.)

Raven brings us this AP News link:

N.Y. Mayor Hosts Gun Control Summit

Refreshing to see at least one news outlet calling it what it is.

"Gun crime is a national problem that needs a national response," Menino said, noting that many guns used in Boston murders last year came from other states.

Just how many is many, Mr. Mayor? Can you be more specific?

I have to ask, because just three months ago the Boston Globe reported (as I'm wont to remind my readers):

Although most illegal guns found in Boston in 2004 came from Massachusetts, police have traced more firearms to other New England states, including Maine, New Hampshire, and Connecticut, and Southern states such as Alabama, Florida, and Maryland.

So, according to the Boston Globe (and, depsite Mumbles' incessant whining to the contrary), the "gun-free" Commonwealth of Massachusetts, with all our "common sense" gun control laws, was ranked the #1 source for "illegal guns" taken from criminals on the streets of Boston in the year 2004.

Take that, Georgia, you ass-backward bunch of trigger-happy redneck crackers! We're #1, bitches! We're #1!

Now, for your homework assignment.

Caption this.

UPDATE: Here's the headline from WTNH (New Haven, CT):

Thirteen mayors attend summit on illegal gun control

If only.