Friday, April 21, 2006

How Are Those "Gun Summit" Plans Going?

We're firing up the old crystal ball, once again, for a peek into the future present of our gun-free paradise of Meninostan.

A 22-year-old Jamaica Plain resident was walking toward the Tropical Market when a black male wearing a red jacket approached him and asked him for money. The victim said no then went into the store. When he came back out with a few items he purchased, the suspect approached him again, questioning the victim for lying to him about not having any money. Then the suspect stabbed the victim several times in the arm and chest.

Last night at 2:15am, a 48-year-old black man from Charlestown was walking on Walford Way in Charlestown when a group of approximately six black and Hispanic males attacked him and stabbed him in the back multiple times.

Officers responded to a radio call last night at 10:42pm at 104 Old Ironsides Way for a man stabbed. Upon arrival, officers observed the victim bleeding from the left flank area. He stated he was attacked and stabbed once by a group of approximately 10 teenaged males on Monument Street.'s about the guns.