Tuesday, April 18, 2006

God Bless the Palmetto State (cont.)

Following up on this post from a couple weeks ago, it's pretty safe to say no one is going to be confusing Massachusetts for South Carolina any time soon. And, not that you need the reminder, but please don't hold your breath waiting to read this in the Boston Globe.

Pickens County Woman Shoots Home Invader

Pickens County Investigators say Brian Teague forced his way into Susan Hendricks' home Thursday evening and refused to leave.

"She felt threatened," says Lt. Lane Byers, Pickens County Sheriff's Office. "She felt she could not leave the home to get away from him. And she felt she had to defend herself. She used a firearm to do so."

Shame on her! Doesn't she know she was supposed to just give this nice young man whatever he wanted? Because, that's precisely what the gun control blissninnies are always advising women to do in that situation.

Hendricks reportedly shot Teague several times.

Four shots out of five from her revolver, per this account.

"She had made some complaints that he had bothered her, prior to this."

In fact, Hendricks filed an incident report about Teague with the Pickens County Sheriff's Office, just 30 minutes before the shooting.

Good thing she wasn't a resident of the People's Progressive Republic of Bostonia. Had she gone down to BPD headquarters to file an application for a license to own a handgun at that time, she'd be shit out of luck (read: likely deceased).

By about 105 days, 23 hours, and 30 minutes.

But, better to have an innocent woman beaten to within inches of her life by a deranged mullet-wearing psychopath, than to actually allow her the CHOICE to defend herself with the most effective means possible. Right, Mr. Mayor? Senator Barrios, any comment?

(link via The Other Side of Kim)