Tuesday, April 18, 2006

And He's the One With All the Guns

Apparently, it's "Irony Lost on the Witless" Week.

First, we had the rocket scientist of a historian who wrote the letter posted here. And today, it's our old friend Quincy (MA) police chief Robert Crowley. You remember him. He's the "public servant" who gets paid an extra $12,500 a year to eat lunch and read magazines.

But, I digress.

His most egregious violation of his sworn duties as a public servant has been his unwavering belief that the residents of Quincy are not to be trusted to provide for the safety and well-being of their families (at one point last year, there were stories of his office even refusing to allow residents to apply for "shall-issue" Firearms Identification Cards, in gross violation of state law).

Flashback to this previous post from March 2005:

On February 7, 2005 more than 140 Quincy residents turned out at City Hall for a special hearing of the City Council's Committee on Public Safety regarding Chief Crowley's firearms license policies.


At one point, a City Councilor asked the chief if he would issue a license to a woman in a domestic violence situation, presupposing that the woman had no criminal record or mental health issues. The chief's response was, "I can't answer that, I have to go to the specifics... what level of fear she had."

And now, here's what's going down in his tranquil, gun-free Utopia these days, and his response to the situation. From the Boston Herald:

Quincy pervert threatens girls

Some parents of young girls in Quincy are shaken after police say a serial sicko left girls' panties on their front porch, and wrapped the underwear around magazine pages containing threats to rape little girls.

Quincy police say the pervert has hit five houses in Quincy - three of them are home to young girls - between February and Easter Sunday. Each time a pair of girl's or women's underwear or bras were left on the front porch, and the undergarments were wrapped around torn-out pages from American Girl magazine. Written in print were sexually graphic threats against girls, including threats of rape, said Quincy police Chief Robert Crowley.

"My fear is that somebody may be attacked," Crowley said last night, going public with the issue for the first time after the messages left Friday at a Bradford Street home became more sexually explicit.

What "level of fear" would that be exactly, Chief?

And, if you think you're afraid? How do you think some of these parents of the children feel after being denied the right to effectively protect their families from harm based on your "no self-defense for commoners" firearms licensing policy?