Friday, April 14, 2006

How To Earn My Respect

Step 1: Use the word "asswipe" in a post title.

Step 2: Write this...

I just went over to the Registry of Deeds to file a document pertaining to our condo association. The first part of my trip was amusing, as the officer who had placed my bag through the metal detector at the entrace to the courthouse told me he was going to need to confiscate my camera. He then placed it in a plastic bag printed "confiscated weapon" and had me sign a receipt for a weapon.

Once I'd been disarmed, I went into the registry...

Obligatory snark: Helluva job Menino and his henchmen are doing getting these weapons of the streets of our fair hamlet. I know I'll be able to sleep better at night now.

Eeka posts on a far-too-regular basis about the "quality" of customer "service" she's experienced at the hands of our public "servants" here in the once-great Commonwealth of Massachusetts. She is a veritable lightning rod for bureacratic horseshit like this, and just morons in general, it seems.

Can't say I envy her one bit.

UPDATE: From commenter 'damnright' at Universal Hub:

WANTED: Unskilled labor to work for life in protected job. Tasks entail being sarcastic to the taxpayers of the Commonwealth. You will be approached by people that don't have much experience with the court system/ registry/ social services. Feel free to mock them in their ignorance, even though if the tables where turned you wouldn't survive in a competitive environment. Wear cheap suits and kick the dog when you get home.

Not much to add there.