Saturday, July 08, 2006

I Am In the WRONG Line of Work...

...with a capital W, R, O, N, and G.

As much as I want to, with every nerve of my being, I can't quite bring myself to call this alleged "artist" a total idiot.

Title: Untitled (Winchester 9422M.22 Magnum at 70 yards "exit")
Artist(s): Robert Beck
Date: 1995
Medium: Gunpowder, drawing pad
Dimensions: 12 x 9 in.
Courtesy Of: Courtesy of Brenda R. Potter and Michael C. Sandler
Retail Price: $1,500
Starting Bid: $750

Let's face the facts. Anyone who can shoot a couple holes in a notebook, stick it in a cheap-ass frame, and sell it in some hoity-toity museum for $750, is more of a genius than I could ever dream of being.

(pauses to look around the room for future "objets d'art")