Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Prescient Mumblings

From March of 2005:

Senate President Robert Travaglini (D-Boston) set the tone for a St. Patrick's Day celebration Sunday at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, at which prominent Massachusetts politicians found common ground on the one thing that unites and impassions people on both sides of the aisle: insults.

Playful political barbs were flying as Gov. Mitt Romney and Mayor Thomas Menino joined dozens of state leaders for an annual St. Patrick's Day breakfast at which speakers roasted each other and celebrated the city's Irish heritage.


Menino also weighed in on the Big Dig with a poetic toast.

"May the water in the road rise to meet you, may the ceiling tiles fall behind your back, may the fireproofing shine warmth on your face and may the retirement papers be certified a half hour before the governor knows you're gone," he quipped.

Somehow, that's not as funny as it once was.