Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Reaction From City Hall

From WHDH TV - Channel 7, Boston:

Mayor calls for third-party probe of tunnel collapse

Menino wants a third party to lead the investigation into the accident. He says for the public to have confidence in any inquiry, neither the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority nor the Federal Highway Administration should be involved.

Turnpike Chairman Matt Amorello disagrees, and has named Massachusetts State Police Major Michael Mucci, commander of State Police Troop E, which has responsibility for the Turnpike, as his lead investigator.

Expect this picture [H/T to John Depetro - WRKO 680AM] to be making the rounds shortly.

Pictured left to right: Marine Corps Sgt. Major Eric Loya,
Jaden Jarvis, Santa, Jamaria Jarvis, Critian Rodriguez,
Chariman Amorello, and State Police Major Michael Mucci

Yes, Mucci's the one in the blue suit.

And, I'm no lipreader, but...