Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Compare and Contrast

After reading a seemingly endless supply of 9/11 commemoratives, repeatedly watching the towers of the World Trade Center crumble to dust from every angle captured on video, and listening to the frantic 911 calls of those trapped in the towers heading toward their death, coming home last night and being greeted by two beautiful girls, bubbling over with excitement over the day's dance class, was simply beyond description.

Their little tap dancing exhibition turned my heart to a pile of molten mush.

Well, Papa, first you need these special tap-dancing shoes that have little metal feet on them, and you make music on the floor with them, like this (tap, tap, tap).

I was powerless to resist.

Their young minds and hearts unencumbered by thoughts of anger, hate, and vengeance, so prevalent in the adult world they live in, literally brought me to my knees. You seek the meaning of life? It was in my dining room last night, giving me "big girl hugs".

Woe be unto he who raises a hand to hurt them.*

* Just so we're all clear on this, when I say "woe", I'm referring to a relentless fusillade of buckshot to the lower extremities, administered without hesitation, reservation, or mercy.